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RT View are focused specialists in the advanced care management business. If you want to transform your vision into reality and execute your business priorities... RT View will be able to help you enhance your business model into a profitable enterprise.

Les C. Meyer, MBA, Health Care Strategist, HPI Advisors, LLC and Senior Fellow, Jefferson School of Population Health, Thomas Jefferson University” October 31, 2009


Matt Gross, AVP Product Management, McKesson Health Solutions

“I have worked at a great number of companies over my career ranging from my own start-up to those that sit atop the Fortune 500 list. The benefit of this wide range of opportunities is that I’ve been able to call quite a few people colleagues. Some of these are people that I’m happy to say good-bye to as I move to my next position and then there are those that I will both genuinely miss the interaction as well as look forward to an opportunity to work with again. Michael Terpening falls squarely into this second camp. I had not met Michael before joining McKesson Health Solutions as their AVP of Product Management. He was recommended by several of my colleagues as someone with both domain expertise and the ability to provide leadership in an area that was floundering. Michael came in and delivered on both while also helping to identify, address and manage challenges throughout our initiative. Michael demonstrates the ability to identify the root cause of problems and present viable options while also keeping the team moving during the decision making process. He is able to translate his real-world experience in healthcare to provide tremendous insight and credibility towards the solutions developed. Michael’s innate organizational and communication skills allowed him to pull together a team of individual contributors and to help them coalesce into a team with a purpose. While he worked remotely, he consistently demonstrated a strong sense of motivation and leveraged that drive to keep him and the project moving forward even when physically separated from the rest of the team.... Even though he was a contractor on a team of employees, the employees voluntarily chose him to guide them during these projects and were genuinely excited by their output. This ability to help the general team while also providing me with valuable counsel allowed the greater product management team at McKesson Health Solutions to better address the larger and very aggressive picture. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Michael to any employer or colleague and look forward to working with him in either capacity in the future.” October 19, 2009

Deborah Hough-Miller, Technical Project Manager,

“After 20 years in software product design and development, I can say without equivocation that Michael Terpening is one of the finest product development managers with whom I have had to pleasure to work. His healthcare domain knowledge is deep and wide, but more importantly, he has an extraordinary ability to apply that knowledge to complex issues and lead diverse groups to forge lasting product solutions. I have never worked with a more professional colleague – no matter the obstacles, he delivered a quality product on time. His commitment to the effort never wavered. And, he infused his teams with the same commitment and purpose. As a project manager, I grew to depend upon Michael’s communication skills and his candor. He always kept the project management team well apprised of the important project issues, obstacles and progress. There were many occasions when Michael’s communication efforts made it possible to avoid project delays and risks. Knowing when and how to communicate was perhaps Michael’s most valuable trait. When Michael was on the job, we were not sidetracked or distracted by tangential concerns. He kept the project focused on the end goal and spoke up when we began to wander. I can think of no greater recommendation than to say that every time I staff a project, I look to find at least one team member who has the skills Michael possesses. If I could have Michael on every project I manage I would consider it an honor.” January 14, 2010

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