RT View Inc.

Range of Health Care Consulting Services:

  • Care and Case Management Program Design
  • System Analysis and Operational/Technical assessments
  • Call Center Set Up and Management
  • Product Design and Management
  • Project and Technical Project Management
  • Subject Matter Expertise in Nurse and Social Worker, Triage, Case, Care, and Disease Management
  • Business Process Modeling and Strategic Facilitation
  • Health Care Business Case Development
  • Program Implementation
  • Clinical content best practices and clinical pathways and guildeline development
  • Proposal Management and RFP Database development
  • Technical Writing: Educational Content, Policy and Procedure, Business Cases, Operations Manual
  • Industry research
  • Data Mart, Predictive Modeling, Report Design and Outcomes Methodology Development
  • Agile 'Scrum' Software Product/Technical Management


Uncover the Essence of Your Solutions

RT View's teams approach problems with confidence and sanity. Our motto reflects our intentions to work with integrity and simplicity to reveal the order within chaos.

The Team Has:

·         Worked on health care reform activities internationally, including:

o   Improving appropriate level of care referrals in the U.K

o   Writing business plans for nurse case management in Ontario, Canada

o   Building high risk patient identification data mining programs for AXA case managers in Panama.

·         Facilitated agile product development from clinical staff interviews for products that cover coaching, barriers to care, Case Management Adherence Guidelines (CMAG), and Care Transitions workflow. 

·         Been a key contributor in the  design and delivery of  the ‘Advanced Care Management’ integrated services that bundled single source of contact for Utilization management, Disease management (including behavioral health) and Case Management and attempt to bridge the gaps between providers and payers in high risk pools and commercial sectors.

·         Recently completed requirements and performed as project manager for an industry-validated interdisciplinary complexity assessment software that measures social, health system, and behavioral risk. The software is now in use at over 30 health plans and veterans’ health centers.

·         Created methodologies and programs for claims-based outcomes studies for DM and CM, survey research on case management effectiveness, disease management ROI studies and presented findings in national conferences, government forums, and in front of state Medicaid medical directors.

·         Delivered webinars on integrated case management, caseload capacity calculation and presented at DMAA, CMSA and NASCHIP conferences on subject of health care reform as a group we are committed to taking on projects that show a net improvement in health care outcomes and efficiencies.

Worked closely with the executive leadership of CMSA, NASW, and NTOCC in a series of initiatives to provide tools to providers and nurses who focus on care coordination including managing the technical project to build the current Caseload Capacity Calculator tool being launched by CMSA/NASW in the fall of 2011

·         Provided case management services in the disability and health care management

·         Started one of the first workers compensation medical management units in the State of Colorado

·         Served as a Director of Case Management for Facility Case Management

·         Created, owned and operated a private case management company which was subsequently acquired by a managed care company where she subsequently served as VP of Case Management.  She successfully and integrated Case Management into the Medical Management Department.

·         Been Director of Clinical Strategies and Operations for one of the primary Blues Cross/Blue Shield organizations where, in addition to other responsibilities, she was responsible for management oversight of two unique Care Management Work Flow application implementation

·         Been the Principle Solution architect and Director of Professional Services where she created and implemented a Care Management system with unique provider and member portals

·         Served as a Director of Care Management in the product management department of McKesson Health Solutions. Her products included Care Transitions, a post-acute discharge program, Frequent ED, an multi-level, multi-interventional program regarding ED utilization, Care Coordination and Complex Case Management with specialty modules such as Advanced Care, serving people facing end of life decisions..  The majority of the population served was Medicaid Members.  These programs have all been integrated with McKesson’s chronic care programs.


·         Launched new programs, products and services for government contractors, commercial clients and employer groups, including:

o        Medicaid  proposal project management

o        Call center start up, conversion and expansion; from 15 to 500 seats

o        Analysis of new business opportunities against current strategies and operational capabilities - identification and resolution of gaps

o        Medical management (triage, UM, CM, DM) product and program development, operational launch, and client/employer group implementation

o        Operationalizing best practices, contractual, legal, regulatory and accrediting agency requirements

o        Operational, compliance, and readiness assessments.

·         Implemented third party and internally developed software solutions -- including software conversion projects -- that meet the business and operational needs of the staff and departments using the software tools. 

o        Operational and technical capabilities assessments, including ROI projections and  alternatives

o        Support of the software development process from requirements to testing, with emphasis on designing data interfaces 

o        Analyzing and streamlining non-claim functional area interface to claim systems and workflow to support first call resolution and eliminate/minimize  upstream and downstream re-work and errors


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